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We are a group of young Historians who are passionate about History in general, and moreover, the deep footprint left behind by Phoenicians, Romans, Muslim and everyone that has lived here. We specialised in sightseeing tours, whether group visits or private.

Since the beginning of times, the south of Spain has attracted people; Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Muslim, Jews, Christians all have lived here, helped shaped the land and leave their cultural footprint in behaviour, names, architecture, recipes and more!

Visit the  Royal Alcazar in Seville or the world Famous Alhambra in Granada, enjoy the views from the New Bridge in Ronda, or the flavours of cold press olive oil. Experience Flamenco first hand in Seville, the city where this form of art was born. All in one region, Andalucia.


Adventure Team

For quite some time we've been organising cultural activities, now it's time to share our knowledge and flair.



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Our Tours

alcazar seville guided tour

Alcazar Seville Guided Tour

Alcazar Seville Guided Tour Photo Friendly 1,5 Hours 3+ People All weather Alcazar Seville Guided Tour Visit the Alcazar of Seville. Be part of a guided tour inside the most iconic landmark, the Alcazar, or the Royal Palace. Sent to … Read More

catedral sevilla

Cathedral Of Seville Guided Tour

Cathedral Of Seville Guided Tour Photo Friendly 1,5 Hours 3+ People All weather A Wonderful Experience Santa Maria de la Sede it’s the official name but we call it the Cathedral, but don’t let this confuse you, the Cathedral of … Read More

cordoba private tour

Cordoba Private Tour

Cordoba Private Tour Photo Friendly 8+ Hours 3+ People All weather Cordoba Private Tour Capital of the former caliphate of Al-Andalus. Cordoba Private Tour brings you  one of the hidden gems in Andalusia. a pleasure to the senses. Discover the … Read More

tour privado alhambra

Alhambra Private Tour

Alhambra Private Tour Photo Friendly 12+ Hours 3+ People All weather A private Experience in Granada Explore the Alhambra Qalat Al-Hamra   (The Red One.) Located on a hilltop that dominates the plains, built originally in AD 889 (approx) as … Read More

seville tapas tour

Seville Tapas Tour

Seville Tapas Tour Hungry? Let’s go for Tapas! Book This Tour Seville Tapas Tour Join us for a tapas tour in downtown Seville. First we start with a short introduction of the History of Tapas. Definition, suggestions, Do’s and Don’ts, … Read More

tour privado en sevilla

Seville Private Tour

Seville Private Tour Photo Friendly 3+ Hours 1 up to 30 People All weather Seville Private Tour  This Seville private tour spins around the 2 major and representative buildings of the city, one represents the religious power, the other one, … Read More

game of thrones seville

Game of Thrones Seville

Game of Thrones Seville Tour Book This Tour 375€/tour Book Tour Photo Friendly 3 Hours 1-3 people Fantasy World Welcome to this Game of Thrones Seville Tour. A detailed visit to the locations selected by HBO for its acclaimed series … Read More

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