Seville to Cordoba day trip

And Almodovar Del Rio

Cordoba Day Trip Private Tour

With a Visit of Almodovar Del Rio Castle.

We will start the tour with a hotel pick up and then 1h30 mins road trip to the Castle of Almodovar, a Glorious construction built during Muslim period, then reclaimed by Christians, then abandoned for quite some time.

until the XX Century when Mr.Rafael Desmaissieres y Farina, Count of Torralba falls in love with the ruins and decides to spend the rest of his life and fortune in the restoration of it. Sadly, he passed away 4 years before the work was completed. But his memory remains, and thank to his Effort, we can enjoy such a great fortification.

Probably you’ve seen the castle without knowing. This is Highgarden, the home of House Tyrell. In this castle is where Olena Tyrell tells Jamie Lannister she was the one who poisoned King Jeoffrey.

Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me

After the visit of the castle, we head to Cordoba, Capital of the former caliphate of Al-Andalus. Cordoba Private Tour brings you  one of the hidden gems in Andalusia. a pleasure to the senses.  We will spent one full hour (or more if you wish)discovering the treasures inside the Great Mosque of Cordoba, a spiritual and magical place altogether. We’ll see how truly remarkable this place is. The only monument on Earth that houses a Cathedral and a Mosque.

We’ll also see the remains of the medieval synagogue. Hints from a glorious roman past, How glorious was this past? Well you can actually step on it! The roman bridge that connects the two shores was built by the romans two thousands years ago and it’s still standing! So exceptionally well made that it endured traffic until 2004! Finally the city decided to make it pedestrian only. It took them quite a few years to make a decision to preserve the monument. But it was the only bridge connecting the city, so there was no other way around.

wander through the narrow cobblestone streets and experience true andalusian flair. All with the expertise of a private guide.

Historic Landmarks

The Roman Bridge, The Grand Mosque or the Patios in May, all Unesco heritage.

Fully Narrated Tour

Detailed description of the dilated history of this city, since it was built by Romans, then capital of the former Caliphate of Al-Andalus and later Christian domain.

Professional Guide

We are passionate about History and it shows!

Avoid The Middle Man

We can offer competitive prices because you book directly with the guide.

Seville To Cordoba DayTrip Itinerary

9:30 hrs - Hotel Pick Up.
Leave Seville, road trip to Almodovar Del Rio.
11:00 hrs - Arrival to Almodovar
Private visit to the Castle with introduction to its History.
12:00hrs -Departure for Cordoba
Private visit inside the Grand Cathedral/Mosque of Cordoba. ( on Sundays visit is at 16:00 hrs)
13:00 hrs Mezquita Visit
Private visit of the Grand Mosque of Cordoba.
14:00 hrs Lunch.
Free time to eat.
15:00 hrs Jewish Quarter
Stroll through important and quaint parts of the city, to build lasting memories.
17:00 hrs Road trip back to Seville
All good things must come to an end.

*Itinerary may suffer alterations due to the changes the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba may introduce. All the monuments will be visited, just in inverse order.

Seville To Cordoba Excursion Pricing


Private Tour
450 1 person*
  • pick up hotel/Cordoba/hotel
  • Private car/van
  • Private guide
  • All tickets included

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Most frequent questions and answers

Distance between the two cities is 140km (87 mi) roughly and can be covered by car/van in 1h20 mins approx.

Only the basics: ID, phone/camera, comfortable shoes, maybe sunscreen and some money for souvenirs or food.

It’s not the longest day, around 9hrs altogether. It includes a private visit to the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the Former Jewish neighbourhood and other memorable parts of the city.

No. This is a private activity, only for you and your party.

Yes you can customise as needed to meet your expectations. But some things cannot be changed. Like Mosque timings for example.

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