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Hi there my name is Carlos, Historian, creative entrepreneur, former world traveller and now official licensed tour guide! Seville Tours Co is my project about tourism like a local in Seville and surroundings. So far it’s only me with big expanding ideas!

When travelling you want to make sure you don’t miss all the good spots or important places. A local guide can help you whether you are on a family trip or business, a guide can be a helpful resource when it comes to time management. So, if you are visiting Seville and don’t know much about it, don’t hesitate and ask me. This city is approx. 2800 years old, so there’s gotta be something for you.


What to visit in Seville


You can start by visiting the Royal Palace or Alcazar which is an arabic word for palace, marvelled with the wonders of ancient constructions and keen eye for details and delicacy, gardens that are organised in a way to appeal to the senses, get to know all the great History behind the walls since roman times all the way to the XIX Century, including the discovery of America, that’s right the first trips were given shape here!

Also you can visit the Cathedral of Seville, the ¨hollow mountain¨ the biggest gothic Cathedral in the world! A wonderful gallery in itself containing marvellous pieces of religious art from the renaissance and baroque periods, not to mention the symbiosis between the islamic and christian architecture.

Or wander through the narrow cobblestone streets of the former jewish neighbourhood and discover all of its secrets.

And if you’re up for something more up beat, then head to the Triana neighbourhood just across the river and fall in love with the city’s idiosyncrasy if you haven’t done it yet, add some Flamenco and tapas and you’re all set!

This city has so much to offer that one weekend is not enough, if interested in knowing more, don’t hesitate and send me a message, I’ll be more than happy to help!

Create lasting memories in Seville

From Seville, to Cordoba, going through Granada, Flamenco. See past, present and future!

Experience Seville and Andalucia

Seville Tours Co. Positive Vibes, People, Places, Food, Transit etc. There are more than few reasons why people love Spain. Tour with us and make your own Adventure.

Seville's must see places

This is the best way to experience Spain is through the eyes of a local. You can sit back and relax as your tour guide shows you Andalucía in the most efficient way possible. The Seville Tours Co way.

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