moving around seville

It's pretty straight forward.

Sevilla’s city centre is an inviting place for walking or strolling. Moving around Seville by car doesn’t always make sense. Mostly because it would take you longer and more expensive. Plus, walking is the best way to know the city.

Public transport is your go-to. Mostly fast and reliable with good connections inside the city.

If you arrive to Seville by air, from the airport you can hire a taxi to the city, fares go from 20-30€. Or you can take the airport shuttle bus 4€ per person and it leaves every 20 mins. If you’re staying more than one day and want to explore around, then you can find car rentals in the arrivals hall. Alternatively, if your budget is a little more then you can also book ahead a chauffeur drive service.

If you arrive by train. Santa Justa station is extremely well located and easy to find buses and taxis.


Tussam is a public entity, belongs to the municipality and has a vast network that can take you anywhere,  the cost per ticket is 1,40€ that you can pay as soon as you board the bus, or you can buy one of the tourist cards for 1day(5€) or 3 days(10€) , valid 24 hrs for buses and tram. You can find them in the Tussam customer service kiosks; Prado de San Sebastian, Plaza Ponce de Leon and Avenida de Andalucía, 11.

For this cards you must leave a 1,5€ deposit refundable after returning the card in one previously mentioned customer service offices.


One line that will take you back and forth from San Bernardo to Plaza Nueva. Where the city Hall is. Ticket is 1,40€. Valid with Tussam card.


There is only Line 1. In the distant future Line 2. Train runs every 5-7 minutes during peak hour and the price is 1,40€. Tussam card doesn’t work with metro service.


moving around seville

Another way of moving around Seville, and my personal favourite, is to ride a bicycle. Yes I know i’ve mention before that the downtown area is mostly for pedestrians, but if you are only in the city for 24 hrs tops, then I suggest you rent a bicycle and get to visit or take a bigger picture of how gorgeous this city is!

Seville was the fist city in Spain to implement the bike sharing scheme. It’s almost perfect for this city; barely any hills in Sevilla and plenty of things to see and a around 200 km of bike lane working as another artery of the city.

The downside is that the short term rent is one week for 13,33€ with first 30mins free and increasing price as you consume hours. But you can swap bikes as you go using  the free 30mins every time. Also a deposit of 150€ must be made. This system has a lot of room for improvement. Oh and it would also be a great way of improving your Spanish, because the web page is only in español por favor.


Yes, this service is also available so you can move around the city with the comfort Uber provides. Cars are all brand new and drivers are, like you would expect them to be, kind and some of them talkative. 

Other ways of moving around Seville.


Tourist Bus.

Double decker buses that take you around the city for sightseeing including descriptions as you in different languages. The internet price range goes from 18€ adults to 6,3€ children, babies 0-4 free. If you buy onsite it’s 2€ more expensive for adults.

Horse Drawn Carriage.

This a romantic way of seeing the city. Duration is 45mins and a fixed price por a maximum of 4 people. Visit Parque Maria Luisa and Plaza de España, as well as the outside of the main monuments of the city. This service cannot be booked online. 


And more recently an ever increasing and expanding service of scooters easy to find almost every where. Mind you, after use, leave it in a proper location, otherwise, prepare to receive a fine. Police are stepping up the control of the misplacement of scooters. So moving around Seville is not that complicated, the only difficulty would be navigating the streets, but that’s part of the charm of travelling, isn’t it?

moving around seville
electric scooters

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