Traveling to Seville during Covid-19. Insider Tips

By Carlos Sánchez Travelling to Seville during Coronavirus (Covid 19)  Seville during covid, did not  experienced the harsh reality of the pandemic as it was unfolding in the early stages back in March as compared to other Spanish or European

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alcazar seville
carlos sanchez

Alcazar of Seville Video

Alcazar or Royal Palace You can call them both names equally. Enjoy this quick video we made inside the Royal Palace. A place that can easily transport you to another time. Check out this Alcazar Seville cool video:

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seville oranges
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Top 5 Facts about Seville Oranges

Fun Facts About Seville Oranges! Table of Contents Tradition and origin Known since mythological times, the orange appears in the Garden of Hesperides with Hercules heist of the “Golden Apple” . In the Olimpia, Hercules is described receiving from Atlas

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torre del oro
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5 Top things about Torre del Oro

Torre del Oro (Golden Tower) Table of Contents The Name Torre del Oro (golden Tower) Wrongly believed that the name comes from holding inside the silver and gold that came from America. It was believed that the name came from

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moving around seville
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Moving Around Seville

It’s pretty straight forward. Sevilla’s city centre is an inviting place for walking or strolling. Moving around Seville by car doesn’t always make sense. Mostly because it would take you longer and more expensive. Plus, walking is the best way

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  1. Carmen

    Carlos nos acompañó a la visita al alcazar y fue muy agradable. Sabe un montón y la visita muy amena. Gracias por todo.

  2. Carmen

    Nos acompañó a nuestra visita al alcazar. Muy profesional, sabe un montón, y a nuestro hijos se les hizo la visita muy amena. Muy recomendable
    Gracias Carlos

    • carlos sanchez

      Hola Carmen y muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo y compartir vuestra experiencia en una visita con Seville Tours Co. Sevilla siempre os espera con los brazos abiertos! Un saludo grande y fuerte!


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