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By Carlos Sánchez

Travelling to Seville during Coronavirus (Covid 19) 

Seville during covid, did not  experienced the harsh reality of the pandemic as it was unfolding in the early stages back in March as compared to other Spanish or European cities. Nonetheless the situation is still not easy. With the second wave, the city is now confined in what the authorities called a perimeter lockdown; meaning: No one can enter or leave the city without specific reasons (medical reasons mostly).


Seville during Covid

Fortunately, we have to say that during the worst period of quarantine in Spain, Seville had an inferior contagious ratio than most European capitals. After lockdown, summer came and the population relaxed, now the number of cases has increased, although, the sources of contagion have always been contained. In contrast with the sad situation throughout the World, hospitals in Seville were never near collapse situation, not even during the peak of the first wave.
In addition to this, we can say that Seville was one of the first cities to receive the Safe Travel Stamp, acknowledging the city as a safe destination.


Travelling to Andalucía during Coronavirus

As mentioned before, no one can enter or exit Andalucía without valid reasons. And inside the region, the provinces of Seville, Granada and Jaen are on perimeter confinement. Travelling to Andalucía for tourism right now is not recommended (Nov 13, 2020). And we do encourage to follow the instructions given by government officials whether Spaniards or your home country safe travel guidance.

Obligations and regulations

All travellers entering Spain must be temperature screened in airports and other access points. Also, every visitor must fill up a health application form via online, then download the QR code provided and have it ready to show to authorities upon arrival. Also travellers must sign a document declaring having no symptoms  nor being in contact with anyone infected in the past two weeks. Airlines, travel agencies, or big tour operators must inform passengers of this regulation. 

Restrictions in Seville during covid

As well as in the rest of Spain, everyone must wear a face mask. Failure to do so can carry a 100€ fine. To be on the safe side, it’s better to use the certified ones. Face masks must be used at all times indoors/outdoors, in public transports or when visiting monuments of exhibitions. Only when sitting down for breakfast, lunch or dinner can be removed.

Safety measures anti Covid-19 in Seville

Hotels, restaurants, attractions and monuments have thoroughly prepared themselves in order to implement new regulations and to carry out a safe experience. Majority of monuments in Seville have decided to establish a one-way route to avoid bottle necks in narrow areas. Also, the capacity has been reduced, so there are less tickets sold. And to avoid interaction, it’s better to purchase the entry ticket in advance. Like for example the Alcazar of Seville 

Seville as well as the rest of Andalucía will remain in confinement until November 9, 2020. Ergo, it’s not possible nor recommended to travel to Seville during covid for the moment. We sincerely hope that the situation becomes favorable as soon as possible and we can resume with traveling and living. Godspeed and safe journey to all.

If any doubt, don’t hesitate and contact me at [email protected]

Update: Perimeter confinement is currently applied until Nov 23rd, 2020.
Plenty of restrictions apply. Apart from the mobility restrictions, now all non-essential businesses should close to public at 18:00hrs or 6:00 PM. Only supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations and grocery stores remain open. And from Nov. 23rd onwards, the government of Spain shall request a PCR test done by the traveller in airport of origin no more than 72hrs in advance, and must certify negative result before boarding. This only applies for air travel. In land  border this process is not needed as it was agreed by the EU member.

“everyone must wear a face mask. Failure to do so can carry a 100€ fine.”

seville during covid
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