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Tapas in Seville

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Brief History of Tapas.


Like most good things, no one knows when someone had a tapa for the very first time.
The history of tapas is old and diffuse in time. Some theories say that it was in the times of king Alfonse X ” The Wise”. By medical prescription he had to take 2 glasses of wine a day. To mitigate the effect of alcohol a small bite would be of accompaniment.
Some say that in times of Isabel and Fernando, The Catholic Kings. Due to the consumption of alcohol, many fights would break outside taverns. Folks would receive a slice of jamón or something to eat.
Others say that it has a peasant origin. To restore energy and continue their work without having abundant meals.
Another theory claims that it was king Alfonse XIII stopped in a road eatery an ordered wine. Wind picks up and the waiter is quick to cover the king’s cup with a slice of jamón. The monarch loved the idea that he gave it an encore.

Evolution of Tapas in Seville


Either way, tapas have worked their way up. From a slice of cured ham, cheese or olives. To most sophisticated experiences such as michelin stars restaurants.
As a matter of fact, tapas dominate the Spanish culinary panorama. And every chef reinvents and recreates versions of tapas luring visitors.
big and small cities celebrate festivals in honor of the tapas! and tourist devour the most authentic gastronomy.
As opposed to a full hearty meal course, tapas are full of advantages. Lighter, quicker to cook, nutritious and cheaper!
And let’s not forget the social dimension of tapas. It’s become one of the cultural attractive Spain has to offer. The dilation of food between tapa and tapa fosters conversation, digestion and interactions.
In Seville, we don’t live, talk or eat like any other Spanish city. Living like a sevillano means understanding day-to-day with a different light. When it comes to the table, people of Seville avoid formality. Tapas in Seville are a ritual, it’s a way of relating, feeling and being even before the actual exercise of eating.
The first difficulty any traveller faces is to comprehend or understand the keys that conform the cryptic vocabulary around tapas, Even if you are fluent in Spanish, you’ll find it hard to know what is what.

Going for Tapas in Seville

Tapear (verb. to go for tapas) is a generic concept that englobes various actions from the same pleasant mood: drink, eat, chit chat, street roaming, wave hello, see and be seen etc.

Like any other Art, tapear is  diametrically opposed to any exact science and gives carte blanche to the eat whatever you feel like, and I mean, in complete disorder you can eat fried, stew, raw, cooked, hot or cold of vegetables, meat or fish. And it will make perfect sense.

But there is also a sense of etiquette or protocol to follow. You go for tapas with people you like. As for the number of dishes, please refrain from going above ten (that would be inelegant) or the austerity of remaining below five. To keep the tapas session interesting and alive, we recommend the group to be from 4-8 people that can be easily accommodated.

When in Seville, visit Mercado de Triana  or Lonja del Barranco. Alternatively, you can join us for one of our tapas tour and see for yourself!

10 non written rules for tapeo!

I - Act of coexistence II - Picturesque and pedestrian III - On your feet, one tapa per bar IV - No big groups (8 max) V - This one is one me, next is on you VI - No more than 10 tapas VII - In variety is success VIII - Unique and suitable drink IX - Good humored talk X - Blissful state, after all you are in Seville

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