things to do in seville

Things To Do In Seville

things to do in seville
Paella. Bar "las Columnas" Santa Cruz

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Here is a summary of things to do in Seville if you’re only here for 24 hours. Seville is medium size city. But don’t let size deceive you. The city has a long list of activities. So you might reconsider delaying your departure a bit more.


After arrival, midday, head out to Plaza del Salvador. This will be your first proper encounter with the sevillian way. In this quaint plaza people gather midday to enjoy a drink before lunch, so its crowded but not out of hand. Beer has a big role in the sevillian social intercourse. And you will notice that, not only it’s affordable, but also the glasses where they pour it are smaller. the reason is simple, in summer beer gets hot quite fast so its better to down it fast, and order another one when needed.

Once this ceremony is over, then start walking towards tapas bar. Tapas are super popular among sevillians or dare I say, spaniards. The whole concept of tapas is basic but gets to the point. small portions of food, so you can try different plates. There’s a plethora of bars in Seville to choose from. you could go to Alvaro Peregil or Bodega Santa Cruz. a Little heads up, go early because this places tend to get crowded with locals and visitors.


Are you Pillars of the Earth or Game of Thrones?

The Alcazar of Seville is the Oldest Royal Palace in Europe still in Use. And used as film set for Season 5 GOT. JR Martin thought the dornish life resembles so much to the Andalusian lifestyle. And who are we to contradict? We do offer a fantastic tour inside the Palace, for more info, click here.

Santa Maria de la Sede, oficial name of the Cathedral of Seville, is the biggest gothic church on Earth. Technically, no church can be bigger than St. Peters in the Vatican. But it’s an intense place. Full of mysticism, breathtaking architecture, even by today’s standards.


Seville city center has narrow and bendy cobblestone streets. Following an ancient Moorish past. For the visitor it could be difficult to navigate them. But one place there’s one place that stands out. The “Setas” or mushroom. It’s viewpoint to admire the Sevillian landscape and enjoy an spectacular sunset. almost guaranteed, because Sevilla has on average 51 to 56 days of rain per year. That’s option 1.

Option 2. proceed to Plaza de España around sunset time, in summer is around 8:30pm in winter 5 pm. The sky turns into a mesmerizing pink-purple colour working as an impeccable background. Plaza de España is basically the pavilion built to represent Spain in the expo of 1929. A wonderful eclectic plaza done in regionalism style. Presiding the plaza there is a statue of Anibal Gonzalez. The mastermind behind such a beautiful behemoth.


Smart casual is the right choice.

Nearby the Cathedral there’s couple options you might want to consider. like Tabernicolas or Antonio romero, proper taberns where locals go.

Ovejas Negras is also a good option, casual dining where modern meets classic or zelai for some creative cooking.


After an animated dinner. head to the river where some bars with terraces will welcome you with chill out music or latin rythms, like Colon 5. But in summer time, the list is almost endless and the party doesn’t start until late. midnight to be more precise, and it goes until dawn. Open Terraces such as, Bilindo, Casino, Líbano or Antique. To metion a few, are filled with people blowing off some steam after a long week.

But then 24 hours are never enough in Sevilla. So we do hope that you can extend your visit, or plan a future one accordingly.

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