seville in kansas city

Seville in Kansas City?

Although Seville has 18 sister cities, the most evident one is Kansas City. Both cities became sister officially on March 25, 1969

In the 1920’s J.C, Nichols, famous architect from Kansas city. Travelling around Europe came to Seville and was impressed with the Cathedral’s bell tower in such a way that this design was lingering in his mind for some time. Eventually it was finished by 1969 along with the sisterhood between Seville and Kansas City. SISTER CITIES INTERNATIONAL is a project developed after the second world war to develop cultural exchange between cities.

So now in KC there’s a Mall Country Club Plaza that sports an exact replica of the Giralda and the Virgen de los Reyes Fountain, hence the Seville in Kansas City reference. And in Seville there’s an avenue named Kansas City. Majority of US travellers remain surprised as of why there is a big and important avenue in Seville named Kansas City. Simple anser, they’re sister cities

On one side of the avenue there is an statue of an “Indian Scout” in honor of the natives living in KC. The sculpture was made by artist Cyrus Edwin Dallin and was part of the US Pavilion in the 1929 Expo. When the event was over, the US government decided to donate the sculpture to the city of Seville. 


Also in the US, The city of Columbus, Ohio bonded with Seville in 1988 after the latter showed great interest in showcasing a replica of the Santa Maria Caravelle. It was their way of commemorate the V century of Christopher Columbus first trip. An episode of great value, due to a city that was named after the explorer

seville in kansas city
Giralda Tower, Seville. Spain

Sister cities. What do you think?

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